Welcoming a new Era

Today marks the start of a new chapter in our small business journey. 

BOSS + BOO will now be known as BARX + BOO. Our brand will continue to look the same, our products and logo will look the same and we will carry the same ethos since day one. This is not a rebranding, it is a replacing of one part of our name. 

So why the change? As an ever growing and expanding business; back in October of 2021 we commenced proceedings to have our name BOSS + BOO trademarked within Australia. During this process we were contacted by a high profile International corporation who proceeded to oppose our trademark. Furthermore to their opposition of trademarking our name they also demanded that we cease trading with the name BOSS altogether. 

As a small business this was very unexpected and heartbreaking news for us to receive. At this point we had two options, cease trading all together or adhere to their request and remove the name BOSS from our business name. 

Our brand has been a labour of love and was brought to life in honour of our dog Boss who passed away in 2018. We were not going to give up without a fight for something we had worked so hard for and that is so loved by people all around the world. 


Fast forward to November 2022 and we were able to make the changes on our own terms and not at the hands of a large international corporation. This period has been immensely challenging and a road block in our journey that we have overcome. We are now looking to the future and can continue to focus on expanding our small business to reach even more people so that they too can share in the joy that our products bring for themselves and their furry best friend. 

Our updated name BARX + BOO is now a registered trademark. 


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