We sit down with one of our Barx and Boo Pet Influencers Maddi to get the inside scoop of what it's like behind the scenes running a successful social media account for her 2 Dachshunds Ellie & Posie.

We love your aesthetic and creative content. What is the inspiration behind the content you post?

Generally we do a lot of research online to find a location that suits the type of content we want to achieve or the product we need to shoot. Once there, we usually let the location itself inspire us. A lot of the content we post is in places you wouldn’t expect – perspective, creativity and powerful editing can really transform anything into the ideal content spot. Lately our outdoor niche has shifted to a more urban style, so buildings and structures have been our recent inspiration. 

We know there is a lot of work involved in maintaining and running a social media account. What do you enjoy most about sharing your dog's lives/journey on social media?

There are 2 key things we enjoy the most about having the girls social media 

  1. The beautiful and supportive dog community that we’ve become a part of  
  2. The opportunities that have arisen since creating it – we’ve worked with some incredible companies (including Barx & Boo) to provide content 

Living in Brisbane, you would have access to many stunning locations. What are your favourite locations for shooting your content?

For the landscape side of our niche we tend to lean towards forestry type locations and nature trails that are dog friendly. Botanical gardens is often a great option of these types of shots, given they are dog friendly and your dog is fine in those kind of settings. We also enjoy the beach for some locations, utilising the rocks and seaside grassy areas for extra texture and depth to standard beachy photos. Recently, we have been venturing to more city based locations to find modern (and older) buildings to photograph with. Dog friendly cafes can also often provide a good backdrop for this style of content. 

Being a busy Dog Mum, what are your top 4 Barx + Boo go to products?

  1. Strap harnesses (a new fave!)
  2. Phone pop sockets 
  3. Dog jumpers 
  4. Luxe sailor bow 


What is your favourite activity to do with your pups?

The simple things are our fave: going to the bayside near us and taking them for a swim, taking them out to breakfast with us & cuddling on the couch watching tv

Now a very serious question, how do you find shooting more than one dog at a time? We know it can be a struggle! What are your top tips?

It involves a lot of patience, treats and coordination 

We always do it with both of us and try and pick times that areas are less busy, to lessen the distractions and therefore stress. Our girls are quite used to being in front go the camera and exploring, however it goes without saying that 2 is always more difficult than 1. We also always make sure we have high reward level treats with us that will help gain the girls attention. 

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